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LATEST NEWS: That is a wrap for Winter Games NZ 2019 - we cannot wait to see you back next year!


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The FIS Australia New Zealand Cup Cross-Country events will be held at the iconic Snow Farm NZ with a Classic Sprint, Interval Start and a Mass Start across three days. The picturesque Snow Farm is a beautiful backdrop for this endurance sport and the best part is you can rent gear and give it a go yourself, creating an epic day out in this winter wonderland.

About Cross-Country

There are two different styles of skiing techniques that can be used in Cross-Country Skiing, Classic or Skating. The Classic style is the traditional style where your skis stay in a parallel position and you move forwards by sliding one foot forward at a time and putting all your weight on one ski at a time.

The Skating technique is a newer technique in which you move your feet side to side (much like a speed skater) and is faster than the Classic style. Races that are classified as Classic only allow the Classic technique to be used, whereas races that are classified as Freestyle allow the use of either technique, but athletes will generally Skate as it’s faster.

FIS Australia New Zealand Cup Athletes

FIS Australia New Zealand Cup Freestyle Classic Sprint
FIS Australia New Zealand Cup Freestyle Interval Start
FIS Australia New Zealand Cup Freestyle Classic Mass Start

Entries for the FIS Cross-Country Australia New Zealand Cup Races are now open and can be made on the FIS Race Entry Form and returned to Winter Games NZ Cross-Country Manager Colleen Nisbet at colleen@wintergamesnz.kiwi.

Athlete Invitation

Entry Deadline for all Cross-Country ANC Disciplines – 30 August 2019


Athlete Image Sharing Guidelines

Our team will provide photos for you to share on your social channels. This media is free to use providing you adhere to the guidelines in this document.


schedule and results

Jessie Diggins

Jessie Diggins (USA) took first place at the 2018 Winter Games NZ in both the Classic Mass Start and the Individual Freestyle Interval. Jessie won a gold medal in the Team Sprint at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018.

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Kaichi Naruse

Kaichi Naruse (JPN) placed in the top five in all three of his events at the 2018 Winter Games NZ. He placed 2nd in the Individual Freestyle Interval, 4th in the Classic Mass Start and 5th in the Freestyle Sprints.

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