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Obsidian Team Kuzma_Credit Winter Games NZ_Ross Mackay.jpg

The 2023 Winter Games NZ will feature the inaugural International Obsidian Challenge in 2023. Introduced in 2020, Obsidian is a unique event format that is athlete driven and focussed on showcasing the world’s best athletes competing across multiple disciplines. 


The Obsidian is an athlete focused, content driven team event. Obsidian 2023 will see three 16 person (4 female ski, 4 male ski, 4 female snowboard and 4 male snowboard) teams, made up of the best athlete’s on the planet, battle it out across extraordinary freeride terrain and custom built park venues while creating epic content to share with the world.

Obsidian is an invite only event and we look forward to announcing our 2023 athletes from end of July.

Check out our 2020 Obsidian tester to get a taste of what Obsidian is!

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