Date Competition Venue Sanctioning Level
3 – 7 Sept The North Face Frontier The Remarkables Freeride World Qualifier 2*
5 – 8 Sept  The North Face Frontier  The Remarkables  Freeride World Qualifier 4*

The North Face Frontier – a Freeride World Qualifier Tour, presented by Tyrolia event – welcomes competitors to The Remarkables Ski Field in Queenstown, NZ from 3-8 September 2017.

Formerly known as The North Face Freeski Open of NZ, in 2017 The North Face Frontier will add some exciting new elements to this well-loved event.

For over a decade, the world’s top skiers used the NZ Freeski Open as a stepping stone to the Freeride World Tour. In 2015 snowboarders were also invited to compete and the overwhelmingly positive response made it an easy decision to keep the snowboard competition as a permanent fixture.

In 2017 The North Face Frontier will provide ski and snowboard competitors more opportunity to stack up FWQ points by running both a 2* and a 4* event. With the excellent facilities and spectacular terrain of The Remarkables as the competition venue and as one of the first events of the FWQ season, The North Face Frontier hopes to attract top level competitors from all over the globe.


Please click HERE to download the official event invitation.

Entries open July 1, 2017 at noon CET and close on July 22, 2017 at midnight CET.

All entries must be completed through the Freeride World Qualifier website. Sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know once entries open.

Entry fee will be €67 ($103 NZD) for the 2* event and €77 ($118 NZD) for the 4* event.

In order to sign up for the event/s, every rider needs to be a FWQ member with a valid 2017 license which can be purchased through the FWQ online registration platform.

Login for existing members

Registration for new members

Once logged in you can sign up for the event.


The 2* event will be limited to a total of 80 entries across four categories (male ski, female ski, male snowboard, female snowboard).

The 4* will be limited to 40 entries, including invitations to the following place getters from the two-star competition: three top male ski, two top female ski, two top male snowboard and first female snowboard. These eight competitors will receive a refund of their entry fee from the two-star competition (or free entry to the four-star event if not already registered.) If these riders have already entered the four-star event and have made the cut through the seeding list, then the next placed rider not currently entered in the four-star event will receive an entry into the four-star event (but they will not receive a refund).

Entry into the events will be accepted according to the FWQ rules, by athlete seed ranking at the close of registration.

Further event information will be updated here over the coming weeks.

PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE for 2* & 4* events

06:30 – Weather update on all social channels
08:00 – Riders Briefing
10:00 – Women Snowboard
10:30 – Men Snowboard
11:30 – Women Ski
12:00 – Men Ski

  • Daily schedule may change depending on weather, snow condition and competitor numbers. Any changes will be announced at the morning riders’ briefing

PRIZE MONEY (4* event only)

Prize money is in NZ$

Category/Gender 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men Ski $2,000 $1,300 $900
Men Snowboard $1,600 $1,000 $600
Women Ski $1,600 $1,000 $600
Women Snowboard $1,200 $600




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If you have any queries, please email Sports Manager, Anna McConville.



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