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Winter Games NZ is thrilled to welcome you to the FIS ANC Giant Slalom and Slalom races, set to be held at Coronet Peak from the 28th of August until the 1st of September. 


This year's international field shows world class athletes across both disciplines,othwith New Zealand and Australian athletes competing to gain points towards the Australia New Zealand Cup. The top athlete in each of the GS and Slalom ANC Series will be awarded a coveted World Cup start for the 2023/24 season.


Coronet Peak offers ample spectator viewing platforms, accessible right off the main runs means this is the perfect opportunity to watch these incredible athletes in action.


Winter Games NZ is free to attend, you will be required to purchase a Coronet Peak lift ticket to access the chairlifts.



Giant Slalom Race 1 | Monday August 28

Giant Slalom Race 2 | Tuesday August 29 

Slalom Race 1 |Thursday August 31 

Slalom Race 2 | Friday September 1


Giant Slalom Venue: The Hurdle


Slalom Venue: Pro Am


Keen to come and watch? Winter Games NZ is free to attend but you will require a lift ticket to ride the lifts at the resort. Check out our spectator map below!

2023 Coronet Peak ANC Course Map.png



Slalom is synonymous with technical ability. Slalom requires aggressiveness, agility, quickness and combines relatively high speed and technical difficulty. The many gates that provide a lot of direction changes should be set to provide an interesting combination of single and multiple gates, which provide a good test of a wide variety of skiing skills. Slalom events are held in two runs on separate courses. The skier with the best combined time from two separate runs is declared the winner.


Giant Slalom

Giant Slalom consists of two runs over separate courses, which may be on the same slope. Giant Slalom presents a range of long, medium and tight turns, which require strength, and a good sense of rhythm. The course is to be set to make optimum use of the variations in terrain and full use of the width of the hill, to increase the spectacle of the event. 

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